RAF Coningsby 21/06/10

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RAF Coningsby 21/06/10

A great day at Coningsby once again this time ALL the resident Squadrons came out to play

At some stage 6 Squadron are due to move north to RAF Leuchars and are not yet 'stood up' as an operational squadron, however, they are flying from Coningsby coded EA etc but not in full squadron colours just yet. Good to catch them though and they all currently look very very clean so not many flights hours so far for sure.

3 Sqn were the most active today although not a varied amount of airframes where used, they were 'hot seating', basically one pilot would do a sortie, land and taxi to the HAS area and with engines still running a new pilot would takeover. From what I have seen and heard this is quite a comman practise on the Typhoon fleet.

From the mound today and a cracking place to be in the sun, heat haze caused a bit of an issue on the ground shots at distance but on the whole pleased with the results achieved stood on top on the mound.

3 Squadron




6 Squadron




11 Squadron


17 (Reserve) Squadron


29 Squadron



41 Squadron


Over Shoots


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