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Lightning Production

Below are listed all the known aircraft produced of the Lightning including those Exported to Saudi and Kuwait

Serial Numbers that appear below in BOLD ORANGE type indicate that there are photographs of that airframe and they have a small amount of history covering service units and total flight hours, clicking on the link will take you to seperate page with the images and text.

Currently there are over 400 images located here with more to be added, if you see any blanks in my collection and have good quality images you would like to send please contact me via the e-mail address located on this website.

To maintain the highest quality possible from the images I have recieved the file sizes are quite large (200-300Kb's) Clicking on a thumbnail will start the larger image download in a popup slideshow. Please be patient and enjoy the images

P1A - F1A $=Instructional Airframe never flew
WG760 WG763 WG765 XA847 XA853 XA856 XG307 XG308 XG309 XG310 XG311 XG312
XG313 XG325 XG326 XG327 XG328 XG329 XG330 XG331 XG332 XG333 XG334 XG335
XG336 XG337 XM134 XM135 XM136 XM137 XM138 XM139 XM140 XM141 XM142 XM143
XM144 XM145 XM146 XM147 XM163 XM164 XM165 XM166 XM167 XM168 $ XM169 XM170
XM171 XM172 XM173 XM174 XM175 XM176 XM177 XM178 XM179 XM180 XM181 XM182
XM183 XM184 XM185 XM186 XM187 XM188 XM189 XM190 XM191 XM192 XM213 XM214
XM215 XM216
F2 - F2A # Converted to F52 for Royal Saudi AF
XN723 XN724 XN725 XN726 XN727 XN728 XN729# XN730 XN731 XN732 XN733 XN734
XN735 XN767# XN768 XN769 XN770# XN771 XN772 XN773 XN774 XN775 XN776 XN777
XN778 XN779 XN780 XN781 XN782 XN783 XN784 XN785 XN786 XN787 XN788 XN789
XN790 XN791 XN792 XN793 XN794 XN795 XN796 # XN797 #
XP694 XP695 XP696 XP697 XP698 XP699 XP700 XP701 XP702 XP703 XP704 XP705
XP706 XP707 XP708 XP735 XP736 XP737 XP738 XP739 XP740 XP741 XP742 XP743
XP744 XP745 XP746 XP747 XP748 XP749 XP750 XP751 XP752 XP753 XP754 XP755
XP756 XP757 XP758 XP759 XP760 XP761 XP762 XP763 XP764 XP765 XR711 XR712
XR713 XR714 XR715 XR716 XR717 XR718 XR719 XR720 XR721 XR722 XR748 XR749
XR750 XR751
P11 - T4 * Converted to T5 prototypes # Converted to T54
XL628 XL629 XM966* XM967 XM968 XM969 XM970 XM971 XM972 XM973 XM974 XM987
XM988 XM989# XM990 XM991 XM992# XM993 XM994 XM995 XM996 XM997
T5 # Converted to T55 for Royal Saudi AF
XS416 XS417 XS418 XS419 XS420 XS421 XS422 XS423 XS449 XS450 XS451 XS452
XS453 XS454 XS455 XS456 XS457 XS458 XS459 XS460# XV328 XV329
XP693 XP697 XR723 XR724 XR725 XR726 XR727 XR728 XR747 XR752 XR753 XR754
XR755 XR756 XR757 XR758 XR759 XR760 XR761 XR762 XR763 XR764 XR765 XR766
XR767 XR768 XR769 XR770 XR771 XR772 XR773 XS893 XS894 XS895 XS896 XS897
XS898 XS899 XS900 XS901 XS902 XS903 XS904 XS918 XS919 XS920 XS921 XS922
XS923 XS924 XS925 XS926 XS927 XS928 XS929 XS930 XS931 XS932 XS933 XS934
XS935 XS936 XS937 XS938
F52 - F53 Royal Saudi AF

(Some of these aircraft returned to the UK and were given ZF*** Numbers and are listed first simply because they are more likely to have photographs)

53-668 (ZF577) 53-670 (ZF578) 53-671 (ZF579) 53-672 (ZF580) 53-675 (ZF581) 53-679 (ZF590) 53-681 (ZF583) 53-682 (ZF584) 53-686 (ZF592) 53-688 (ZF786) 53-692 (ZF586) 53-693 (ZF588) 53-696 (ZF594)
52-655 52-656 52-657 52-658 52-659 53-666 53-667 53-669 53-673 53-674 53-676 53-677 53-678
53-680 53-683 53-684 53-685 53-687 53-689 53-690 53-691 53-694 53-695 53-697 53-698 53-699

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