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Listed below are the the bits and pieces of Lightning Memorabilia that I have collected over the years from various sources. If you require further details of what they are then please get in contact and I will try and help as best I can.

First Day Covers

19Sqn 25th Anniversary of NATO (flown)

60th Ani of 5Sqn 1973 (flown)

25th Ani of the Lightning (flown)

RAF Binbrook open day 1987 (flown)


Lightning Flying Club

RAF Lightning 1960-1987 F1-F6

Lightning Strikes Twice

Lightning Last all British Fighter

5 Sqn Lightnings Last of the Few

The Last of the Sportscars

Stuart Black Fine Art Prints

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Lightning Reunion - XR724/AE - Signed Stuart Black

King Cobra - XN778/A - 19 sqn - 357/1000 Signed Stuart Black

Last of the Lightnings - XS903/BA 11 Sqn - Signed by Jake Jarron OC 11 Sqn

Last of the Lightnings - XS903/BA 11 Sqn - Signed by Roland Beamont and Jimmy Dell

Last of the Lightnings - XS903/BA 11 Sqn - Signed by Flt lt Carter and Stuart Black

Black Leader - XM992/Z - 111Sqn Signed by Sqn Ldr George Black AFC OC 111Sqn

Lightning Classics Collection 6 prints all numbered 540/1000 limited edition Signed Stuart Black

Books, Publications and Magazines

Royal Air Force Flying Review 1956 Flying the P1 (Wing Co Beamont)

Royal Air Force Flying Review, October 1961 Lightning Cutaway

Royal Air Force Sounvenir Book 1960, At Home Day Biggen Hill 17th September

Flight, 6 March 1959 Advert for Lightning (XA847 pictured)

Air Extra No14 The BAC Lightning (2 Copies)

Aeroplane July2005 English Electric Lightning Database

RAF Binbrook Open Day '87 Program

Profile Publications, The English Electric P1 & Lightning (approx 1966)

AirDisplay 1987, Last Lightning Show

Aircraft Illustrated Nov 87, Last Lightning Show Report pg605

Aircraft Illustrated Jan 88, Lightning Lament pg25

Flypast April 87, Lightnings Last Stand pg7

Aircraft Illustrated June87, Accident Report XR772 and XS921 pg288

Aircraft Illustrated Feb88, Lightning Farewell pg78

AirForces Monthly Sept88 Absolute End of The Lightning pg30

Aircraft Illustrated July88, Lightning Reflex

Last of the Lightnings, Ian Black

Lightning, Ian Black

English Electric Lightning Volume 1 Birth of a Legend, Stewart A Scott

English Electric Lightning Volume 2 The Lightning Force, Stewart A Scott

Lightning F Mk.3 and F Mk6 Aircraft General orders and Modifications

Flight, 12 October 1961 The Chequered Years

Lightning F mk2 Air Publication

XP749 Lightning F3 Servicing Records

AirCraft Illustrated Oct88, 11Sqn pg519

Air Pictorial 87, RAF Today Various images

Aircraft Checklist Familes Day Binbrook yr ?

Aircraft Illustrated June 1988, Images pg333

Card Board Cut out Model Lightning P1.B

Squadron Prints

Lightning F6 XS899/AA - 5 sqn - Signed by all 5 Sqn Pilots 1986 approx OC Mike Streton

Lightning F6 XS899/AA - 5 sqn - LAST LAST Lightning show 22nd August 1987 52 of 200 signed by WingCo Andy Williams

Lightning F3 XP700/A - 74 Sqn

Corgi DieCast Lightning Models

12 Lightning Models I have so far purchased currently missing the newer F6 models

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