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Corgi Aviation Collection - Lightnings

When I produced these pages Corgi had produced 15 Lightning models depicting various squadrons that used the Lightning in RAF service. Plane Crazy also commissioned a special limited Edition model of XR751/Q in 29Sqn Colours.

Currently I am missing the latest 3 depicting F.Mk6 Variants


XM139/139 226OCU

XM143/A 74Sqn

XM182/M 56Sqn


XM184/A 111Sqn

XN768/S 92Sqn

XN779/X 19Sqn



XP763/M 23Sqn

XR718/BK1 11Sqn


XR718/P 5Sqn

XR719/D 56Sqn

XR751/Q 29Sqn

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