Newark 18/06/11 "Mary Alice" Emerges From The Shadows

Newark Cockpit Fest 18th June 2011

This was a first visit not only to Cockpit Fest but also the Newark Air Museum a place I had been meaning to visit for years.

A chance meeting with an exhibitor (Simon Pulford - owner of the Tornado F2 and Tornado F3 sim) at RAF Lakenheath the week before reminded me of this weekends event and finding myself at a loose end I decided to take the trip north up the A1.

I also met face to face for the first time Neil Airey and Heather Graham of Lakes Lightnings and what a wonderful experience this was full of passion and expertise at this very grass roots area of aircraft preservation.

Cockpits & Cockpit Rigs

Tornado F2 – ZD938, Tornado F3 – (SIM), Phantom FGR2 – XV490

Lightning F6 – XS922, Lightning F6 XS932

Phantom 37+86

Jaguar GR1 – XX736, Hunter F1 WT684, Scimitar F1 XD235

Hunter FGA9 – XE597, Hawker Typhoon

Canberra TT17 WH863, Seafire 46, Canberra PR7 WH177

PA474 Fly Past Bonus of the Day

Newark Long Term Residents

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