/Duxford 01/09/11

Duxford Air Show 3rd & 4th September 2011

This coming weekend the largest of this year's Duxford Airshows is taking place and is titled Celebrating the Spitfire in Style

To mark this event Macks Aviation was invited to attend the IWM Duxford to meet Al Murray and the two seat Spitfire Tr.9 of The Aircraft Restoration Company

Al Murray of The Pub Landlord fame is also a mad keen aviation and military enthusiast who has also presented Historical Documentaries about the 2nd World War (The Road to Berlin) .

Al Murray Spitfire Flight

As can be seen from the images below a dream really did come true for Al today (Thursday 1st September)

The Aircraft Restoration Company - Spitfire Pilot John Romain Al's pilot for the day

Star Performer for the weekend - USAF F-15E Strike Eagle Demonstration

Once again Macks Aviation Photography would like to thank Esther Blaine - Public Relations Manager at Duxford for making this visit possible

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