Tornado ZD792/100 ASCOT9726 PAN 15//02/2012

What started out as quite a normal slow day at RAF Mildenhall turned into an a couple of hours frantic activity.

Earlier in the day an F-15 over at nearby RAF Lakenheath had declared an emergency and had also taken the wire causing the remaining 5 F-15C Eagles to divert into RAF Mildenhall.

Runway ops over at Lakenheath were just returning to normal when over the radio ASCOT9726 was heard declaring an emergency and that they would be taking the wire and would require assistance in being moved off the runway.

On base emergency vehicles positioned themselves close to the centre point of runway29.

ASCOT9726 appeared out of the gloom and the sequence of images below captures the events.

Thankfully for all concerned the 'catching' of the wire appeared to be a text book affair and the aircrew were requested to shut down the aircraft and the recovery process proceeded with the aircrew calmly sat in the aircraft.

Hydraulic failure was the reported reason for declaring the PAN, also reported was that this aircraft was one of several departing the UK for the U.S. and the Red Flag 12-3 exercises held in the vast desert expanses of Nellis AFB. Red Flag 12-3 Info

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